Biographical Info
Kanji キサラギ
Romaji Kisaragi
Classification Demon
Alias Dark Knight
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Waitress
Affiliation Humming Dining
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Image Gallery

Kisaragi (キサラギ, Kisaragi), also known as Dark Knight Kisaragi (ダークナイト・キサラギ, Dākunaito Kisaragi) is one of the four demonic kings and Amon Patricia's servant. She tries to find Amon and invites her to revenge the Clan of Light. Later, she becomes a waitress at the Humming Dining after Amon convinces her that they should wait for their revival.


she is portrayed with medium is short black hair with bangs with to clips on the right side. she wears a gray or black turtle neck when she is in her foam with out armor. when she has her armor on it is all black. she is also commonly shown in the humming dining staff uniform.


kisaragi is very shy with out her armor. but when she figures out she is using the same "armor" as amon patricia makes her try to be more engaged with the cosumers.